I see that it’s free but is there some sort of gimmick or catch when attending a FreeHealthEvents?
A: There is no catch or gimmicks to attend any event from FreeHealthEvents.com. Just quality events by trusted health organizers
Why are the events free?
A: Everyone should have access to health events
Can I cancel my free tickets on FreeHealthEvents?
A: Youjust login to your account and go to the events booking section to cancel your registration.
I can’t attend an event, but I know someone that would love to go. Can I transfer my ticket to someone yes?
A: Yes you can transfer your ticket to another. Login to your account and navigate to the booked. to your ticket information to edit the name and email of the attendee. Save your changes and then email the ticket to the new attendee directly from your dashboard. (We should provide a how to link here)
Can I access my ticket from my phone?
A: Yes. Our website is responsive to any mobile smart device so you can view your ticket from your phone, tablet etc.
How can I contact the event organizer?
A: Every event has a contact button where you can email the organizer directly.
How do I find an event in my area?
A: zip code and we’ll find the nearest event in your area.
If I can’t find an event in my area, is there a way to request an event?
A: YouJust login to your account and fill out our request event form. We’ll reach out to our partners to let them know that there is a demand in your area.
Can I book an event for a group of people?
A: If the organizer enables group registration, then you will be able to book multiple tickets.
How can I print my event tickets?
A: There are a few ways to print your tickets. You can print your event tickets right after you or you can check your email. Within our email, we send you a PDF copy of the event ticket that you can print.